The Great Solar Cook Off of 2013


This last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Solar Cook off.  The event lasted most of the day.  We started cooking at about 10 am and ate a great potluck meal about 4 pm. There was wide variety of foods cooked, roasted chicken, pot roast, vegetables, corn bread, beans and cakes.

This is the third year we have done it and you can notice changes and improvements in the types of ovens.  This year about a third of the ovens were Global Sun ovens, the rest were various other commercial and improvised ovens.

While all seemed to work well, the Global Sun Oven outperformed all of the others.  My wife cooked an excellent pot roast and vegetables in ours.  One very interesting solar cooker was made from an old satellite dish.  You noticed that I called it a solar cooker rather than an oven.  It was more like cooking on a range top rather than in an oven.  People were frying eggs on it and it was very fast.  In the next few days, I will be writing some articles about several of the improvised stoves and what they are good for.

Frying eggs on a solar cooker

We also had someone take a nasty fall and had to get out our first aid kits.  While they did not have to go to the hospital, it reminds us of how important it is to have a good kit with you.  While the injuries were not deep, requiring stitches, it took quite a few dressings to clean up the road rash.

The differences between the previous cook offs and this one were quite pronounced.  As people become more experienced the quality of the food and speed of cooking has improved.  As with anything, there is a learning curve and the more we use the ovens the more it becomes obvious.

Chickens cooked in the solar ovens.
Pot roast cooked in solar oven


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