Thermal Cooking

Recently I have seen an appliance called a thermal cooker or sometimes a cordless crock pot being sold on the internet for between 75 to 280 dollars.  The thermal cookers are heavily insulated non-electric crock-pots with a removable inner pan.  You heat the food on the stove in the inner pan and place it in the thermal cooker. The food is then cooked by retained heat.  They work well and do what they are designed for.

However, I have a problem with them.  They are merely an expensive Wonder Oven.  My wife makes them all the time very inexpensively.  Check the following links to posts in this blog,  and  These work every bit as well as the expensive ones and you have money left over to buy something else.

As you search this blog, you will find recipes and other information on the use of the Wonder Oven.  My wife loves them especially in the summer; they keep the heat out of the kitchen.  They are a great preparedness item, but make your own and save the money.


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