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Some Tips on Using Herbal Teas

The other day I was in the grocery store and took a good look at the herbal tea section.  Everything is now in tea bags and is quite expensive.  Now I am old enough to remember a world where tea bags were not available with herb teas.  My mother was English and although she did not drink black or green tea, she drank various herb teas for medicinal purposes.

She actually was very knowledgeable on the uses of various herbs.  Now my wife raises some assorted herbs in the back yard and there are many medicinal plants growing wild around here.  So after seeing the tea bags I got to remembering a few old tricks that we used to use when I was a child.

First my mother always said that a good rule when mixing herbal teas for medicinal purposes, was to always steep the tea in boiling water for about ten minutes.  Unless there was specific information to the contrary, she always followed this rule.  I recommend you get as much information on medicinal herbal teas as you can collect.  In my experience, some of the old cures worked well.  Regardless of your beliefs about old-fashioned remedies when there are no other options, they will be worth trying.

herbal teas
Our favorite type

Second, there are a couple of devices available that will make you life easier if you are using loose teas.  The wet leaves are not very pleasant to drink and your teeth don’t work well for straining them.  Look around in the stores and you can still find old-fashioned tree strainers.  They come in several types, I see a lot of the ball type today, but they never worked well for us.  The one we liked is shown in the picture to the left.  This type did a good job of straining out the leaves.

This may seem like a small problem to many people and in reality, it is, but if you are using herbal teas regularly, it will make your life a bit easier.


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  1. michael in NC

    I agree re: 10 minute boil. Having been priced out of med. insurance 10 years ago, I have relied heavily on medicinal herbal teas, many of which are culinary herbs and spices as well. One of the most helpful to me was lemon balm for treatment of shingles! Used both internally and externally, it provided complete relief in less than a week. Have had success treating, cluster headaches, eczema, broken bones, high cholesterol, poison ivy, and more.
    I appreciate your blog, keep up the good work!

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