Dogs for Security and Why You Should Have One

dogs for security

I have been thinking about the use of dogs for security.  Currently we do not own a dog and have been thinking about getting one in the future.  Part of the reason is that I like a dog that I can keep in the house and during allergy season, this may no longer be possible as my allergies have gotten worse.  Most of my life I have had dogs for security.

Even when I was child in South Africa, we had an English Bull Terrier that was attack trained.  One night someone tried to break into the house and she caught him by the throat and killed him.  At that time, this did not cause a problem with the authorities and we were allowed to keep the dog.  My brother and I were both raised with her and she was never a problem.

Today you would have to be much more careful because in the same situation here, we probably would have been sued and the dog put down.  The reason I am telling you about this is to show you the potential of dogs for security.  Personally, I like large terriers like the bull or the Staffordshire terrier.  But there are many breeds of dogs that will work equally as well.

Today you need to be able to have a yard that is suitable for your dog and will allow the dog to get his required exercise.  You also need to be the leader of the pack and have the dog well under control.  A good dog will provide early warning as well as physical force.  Even a small dog that is trained to warn you of intruders is very useful.

dogs for security
A pair of grey wolves.

Just the other day, I was at a friend’s house, he has two 100% percent grey wolves for pets.  They are beautiful animals.  I never thought that I would be standing with  wolves paw on each shoulder and them wanting to lick my face.  Now these are not for everybody, but I would not want to try to enter his house unannounced in the middle of the night.

Whatever kind of a dog you get make sure you can take care of it.  That includes the time to train it, exercise it and store the food to feed it.  A dog can be a loyal friend and will often give his life to save yours.  Having dogs for security can be great comfort to single women and others (like me) that are losing their hearing.

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3 thoughts on “Dogs for Security and Why You Should Have One”

  1. Howard,
    Can’t agree more. Big dog lots of dog food seems to be the way to go! My family recently got (from the SPCA ) a cane corsu/ pit bull terrier mix dog. She’s a beautiful and so loyal pup. She does need constant training though

  2. I have a staffordshire that we got from the pound. She might have been a runt, she’s only 50lbs, but it’s solid muscle. To me, she’s sweet and very well behaved, but if there’s a knock on the door, or even a voice she doesn’t recognize, those hackles are up and she’s ready to defend me. She is so in-tune with me, she reacts when I get upset, even if it’s a bug on the floor. I have trained her with hand signals, so we can interact silently, but if I merely whisper, “Who’s out there?” she goes into full (and loud!) ready-mode. She’s “just” a pet, but most people see her and think PITBULL, which is its own special bonus. Huge commitment to have a dog, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

  3. Huge commitment to have a dog, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.
    My feelings,if you can commit to prepping you can commit to a dog BUT….if you arent a dog person and know nothing about them,DO NOT GET A DOG. Especially a big dog,they need strong competent leadership,without that its a recipe for failure if not disaster.

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