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Get Inexpensive Preps by Going to Yard Sales

I love this time of the year, its spring and the yard sales are starting.  Every year I add to my preps for pennies on the dollar.  Last week I bought a good Alice pack complete with fame and all the straps, plus a pistol belt, canteen and a small pouch for the total sum of $10.

This morning I bought a 300-gallon water tank with most of the piping to hook it up to rain gutters for $50.  A great buy, since it had only been used for fresh water at a couple of home shows.  The tank looks like it has never been used.  By this afternoon, the tank will be set in place and filled. I won’t hook up the rain gutters at this time since it will probably be another 6 months before we get any rain.

On most Friday’s and Saturday’s I check out the local sales and flea markets early in the morning.  Over the years, I have saved thousands of dollars buying preps from yard sales. I have bought everything from generators to tents.  Estate sales are always my favorites; you never know what will show up.  I have been to ones where the parents were preppers and the kids could care less.  Mountain House #10 cans were a $1 each and other preps equally as cheap.

My rules for yards sales are always bargain, most people expect it.  Don’t insult somebody’s stuff; just tell them that this is what you can afford to pay.  Now I always try to go to yard sales in good to affluent neighborhoods.  Most people in these neighborhoods just want to get rid of stuff and are not in it for the money.  In poorer areas, people often need the money and the prices are not as good.

If you haven’t tried yard sale shopping, get busy and try it.  I think you will be surprised at what you find.  Also some of you that are experienced, let us know about your best finds.


6 thoughts on “Get Inexpensive Preps by Going to Yard Sales”

  1. Jacob @ Preppers With a Plan

    What a great find on that water tank. Yard sales have always been a place to find good deals, but I’ve never really thought about getting prep items there. Definitely something to check out.

  2. Last year I found an estate sale where they were selling their parents preps. I bought 11 cases of freeze dry food and other misc for 200 dollars

    1. I knew some time back, of several people selling their parents preps incl wood stoves and grain mills. Some donated to food banks which is what I did after the y2k farce and got rid of grain mill and dehydrator. I don’t buy long term food storage and neither do my friends after wasting money on y2k. I get food from grocery stores when on sale and bogos. Yard sales in my area are mostly clothes and junk. I used to find good stuff long ago, but wastes too much time hunting stuff. Flea markets with rows of tables are better for sure.

  3. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    At garage sales this week we bought 2x Boy Scout mess kits/cook sets for $2 each. Two Alice packs for $6 ea (the owners were using LBE suspenders instead of the correct pack straps). A XL Long Military Surplus Woodland Gortex Parka in almost brand new condition (no fading) for $10. A steel timber wedge for $1. Misc. camo clothing for $1 a piece. Canning jars 12 for $5 and 30 rings for $.50 a bag. A couple ammo cans for $2 and $5 (better than the $15 to $20 they are now asking for in stores). And a tool belt that had mosin-nagant ammo pouches (containing nails) on it for $1. This was one of our better hauls.

  4. Heck of a deal on the tank. It appears identical to the one I purchased and installed last week. New tank with fittings to reduce lower outlet to 3/4″ gate valve $382.00 + $82.00 for 2×10 treated lumber to build support (not counting concrete blocks and pads I already had)= $464.00. Yep, one heck of a deal. Congratulations!

  5. P.s.- I probably over engineered my support pad, but keep in mind that 300 gals (mine actual says 305 gals) weighs 300×8.34=2,502 pounds. It ain’t light when filled.

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