Edible and Poisonous Plant Cards

I have a deck of cards that shows pictures and descriptions of the more important edible and poisonous plants of the western states.  These have been around for some years, first having come out in the 1970’s.  They also make a deck showing edible and poisonous plants of the eastern states.

One-side shows a full-color picture and the backside a detailed description to help you identify the various plants.  The set for eastern states is comprised of 44 edible and 8 poisonous plants and for the western states, 45 edible 9 and poisonous plants.

I have used a set of these cards for several years and have found them to be useful in the field.  However let me put in a word of caution.  One, while the pictures on the cards are decent, they only show the plants in one season.  The plant may look quite different in various stages of their life.  Two, you need some basic plant knowledge to use these cards effectively.  Don’t just stick a set in your bug out bag and think that you will be able to live off the land.  You won’t.

The reason I carry them is to refresh my old memory and to be able to show the pictures and descriptions to others.

These cards can be found under the following names

Edible and Poisonous Plants of the Eastern U.S. and Edible and Poisonous Plants of the Western U.S.  They sell for between $8 to $14 on the internet.

As with any foraging for wild plants, but sure of what you have before you eat it.


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