edible ornamental flower

Some Examples of Edible Ornamental Flowers and How to Prepare Them

The other day I post an article on 82 different edible flowers  at that time I said that I would write further and explain how some of them can be used.  Here are three common edible ornamental flowers that you encounter all the time that can be eaten in an emergency. 

Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus – also known as Dianthus) – The petals of carnations can be eaten either raw or cooked.  The flavor is slightly peppery and spicy.  Miniature carnations have a light clove or nutmeg taste.  You can use the carnation petals in salads or even cook them as a vegetable.  They can also be dried and used as a spice.

To Prepare carnations remove the petals from the white and green parts that attach the stalk to the stem.  The parts you are removing are edible but have a bitter taste.

edible ornamental flowers

Nasturtiums Tropaeolum majus) – Nasturtiums rank among most common edible flowers in fact the entire plant is edible except for the seeds.  Blossoms have a sweet, spicy flavor similar to watercress. Nasturtiums are a good source of vitamin C. They can be eaten cooked or raw.  It is a very easy, forgiving plant to grow.  The flowers and leaves can be added to salads or cooked like spinach.

Marigolds  Tagetes tenuifolia It has been well known for years in the agricultural community that marigolds are good for feeding chickens, guineas and ducks. But they are also good for people. The flowers are peppery, tangy and mildly spicy in taste and are used in many Mexican dishes. Marigolds can be used as a substitute for saffron. They are also great in salads.

Three things to keep in mind when eating edible ornamental flowers

edible ornamental flowers

First and most important, be sure that you have identified the plant correctly.  Eating the wrong plant can kill you.

Avoid eating any flower that has been sprayed with chemicals or pesticides.

Just because a flower is edible doesn’t mean it tastes good!  Some will be more to your liking than others.


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