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Sprouting Seeds is a Good Winter Source of Nutrition.



Spouting seeds is easy and during the fall and winter there are many of us that don’t eat enough greens. We eat vegetables with a meal and think we are getting enough, but we need more vitamins and minerals in the winter. Sprouting seeds is a quick way to have greens for smoothies, sandwiches, salads and toppings for soups There are many varieties of sprouting seeds, of course you may have a favorite one but try other varieties and you will be surprised at the taste.

Sprouting seeds increases the nutrition.  Studies show remarkable increases in levels of B Vitamins, as well as Vitamins C, E and A ( sometimes up to 15 times the original).

Here are some different seeds you can try and enjoy this winter. You can even make Christmas gifts with jars of seed and include a recipe that you have tried.

Before you start sprouting seeds

Weigh out the amount of seeds you want to sprout. Wash them in cold water, drain thoroughly and let them soak overnight in a bowl with tepid water. Next day drain and then use an appropriate sprouting method.

Sprouting methods include a jar method, or tray, there are even stackable trays for different types of seeds at one time. We have a stackable 4 tray sprouter that we can use one or four types of sprouting seeds.

Jar method, place soaked seed in a clean jar, and remember they will expand so use a jar big enough to allow for the type of seed you are using.  The seeds can expand to 4 to 5 their volume.  Cover the top with a store bought ring with holes for airflow or cover with a square piece of old panty hose and secure with a rubber band.  Place the jar in a bowl, laying it on its side with the end of jar tilted so that the seeds will not be in standing water.  You need to rinse the seeds twice a day.  Fill jar half full of water and then drain through cloth and replace in bowl.

Tray Method, place several sheets of paper towels at the bottom of a shallow plastic waterproof pan. Dampen this absorbent layer thoroughly, pour off any remaining water and then scatter soaked seeds over the top. You will have to check the tray regularly to make sure the toweling is damp. Moisten as needed, but don’t leave any standing water in tray.

Stackable Method, we have 4 trays with holes and one solid tray at the bottom.  Put the presoaked seeds in the trays, stack the trays and pour 1 cup tepid water over the top tray and it will drain over the other trays to soak all the seeds. The solid tray catches the water and then you empty that tray. Any remaining water will continue to drain.

Some types of seeds to sprout. You can try any seed and give them a taste test.  Adzuki Bean, Mung Bean, Radish, Alfalfa, Mustard, wheat, Cress and Fenugreek are the most popular.  But try out others and see what your favorite is.  Here are the links to some previous article we have done on sprouting. Sprouting Alfalfa SeedsSprouting 35 Year Old Wheat BerriesMore on Sprouting 35 Year Old Wheat

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