Know How Long Your Cell Company Keeps Records of Your Phone Calls

I intended to post an article on the storage of fuel today, but due to some information I ran across I have decided to post this new information today instead.  The fuel article will be posted tomorrow.  The below information is from the ACLU an organization which I dislike. However, sometimes they do have good information.  The following tells how long your cell phone company stores information on your phone calls and texting.  The copy I have posted is a little hard to read, the original can be seen at



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2 Responses to Know How Long Your Cell Company Keeps Records of Your Phone Calls

  1. caryn verell says:

    the retaining of these records really does not surprise me at all…look at everything the government requires us to retain for years and companies, employers, employeees, creditors, debtors, banks etc…are all retaining records with the hope that nothing jumps out and bites them in the it something like taxes, or something completely absurd. record retention can be a good thing but it can also “get out of hand..and misused…which seems to be happening more and more each day. it is enough to make a person completely paranoid.

  2. Cranna says:

    This article is over nearly six years old. How has this information changed?

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