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How much do you trust your telephone?  Is anyone monitoring it?  It does not matter if it is a cell phone or landline, cell phonesyour phone calls may be listened to by your ex wife, girlfriend, business partner, the police or a stalker.  They just have to be determined enough to make the effort.

It is not as easy to listen to cell phones with a scanner as it used to be.  The new scanners block the cell phones bands and most cell calls are encrypted.  However, there are apps that can be installed on your phone that let someone else listen to your calls.  Software is available for Blackberry’s that will let someone record the key strokes and emails sent on your phone.  Some even permit someone to listen to your conversation even when your phone is turned off.  If you are having a sensitive business conversation with someone the only safe thing to do is to remove the battery from your phone.  Be careful who you loan your phone too, you never know what they may install on it.

Your telephone landline is just as venerable, it can be easily bugged by anyone who goes on the internet and buys the equipment.  Police agencies can put a pen/trap device on your phone that lists all the numbers you call or recieve and this does not require a normal search warrant. The police don’t even have to state any facts as part of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 — they just need to certify to the court that they think the dialing information would be relevant to their investigation.  Do not consider anything that you say on the telephone to be private.

Computers are even worst, anything you ever put in an email can come back to haunt you.  Software is available that once installed lets someone else see everything you type and everywhere you go.  Most home computers can be hacked without to much trouble.  Anytime you open a attachment that you don’t recognize you might be installing a worm that sends out information from your computer.

Video cameras are everywhere and can be inside almost anything.  Just look up Spy shops or Nanny cams on the internet.  If you think their equipment is impressive, just imagine what the government has.  I am not telling you this to help you break the law, but to help you protect your right to privacy. Be careful what you say and where you say it.


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3 Responses to Personal Security, Computers, Video Cams and Telephones

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Tape off and block the camera on the computer as their are programs that can remotely turn them on. Take the battery out of the cell during opsec times. Dont sweat the LEO side too much as no one can go thru everyones calls and resources are used for important stuff and dont be doing anything that would cause you to get an eyebrow raised at you. I’d be more inclined to worry about acquaintances than anything because it is too easy for regular folks to obtain your stuff. I didnt believe that till recently when someone in the food service industry got my cell phone records while i watched in under 10 minutes without ever talking to a human.

  2. Ellen says:

    I figure they have been doing this for some time now.
    We are not alone are we?
    But I ain’t worried.
    And they have been tracking us for ages and in the future just believe that there will be more camera’s out there.
    I wonder if they developed that thread they were going to put in everything like your clothes and could pick you up where ever you went.
    They don’t need to do any of this on my account, I will gladly tell them exactly where my butt is parked at all times.

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