Storing Information on Computers for After TEOTWAWKI

Storing information

Storing information in binders works well

The other day I was talking to some friends about storing information.  Much to my surprise even though they are preppers, they still store a lot of information on computers, without paper copies.  Granted they do have extra laptops and an alternate powers system.  But me, I figure all electronic devices will fail, it is just a matter of when.

While computers are a big part of my life, since I use them everyday, I still take the time to back up my critical information on paper.  I have binders full of various articles and notes that I feel would be important after TEOTWAWKI.  These binders will function with or without electricity.  I sell my books on Amazon and it never fails to amaze me how many kindle copies sell.  Now I know they are cheaper, but when you really need that bit of information, will it be there?

Even during the best of times when the power is on and the computer is working well, I have automatic backups in place so that if my computer fails I can recover the information.  I love having access to the internet and all the information that it puts at my fingertips. However, I know that it will fail eventually.

Whether you use your computers for business or pleasure, you need to have a disaster recovery system in place.  Going paperless doesn’t work for me.  A friend whose business depends on the internet says that he uses the cloud for storing information and it is safe and reliable.

Dave Elliott, a cloud-marketing manager at storage and security company Symantec stated, “The Company polled more than 3,200 organizations to gauge hidden costs of the cloud and ways to mitigate problems.  Forty-three percent of respondents have lost data in the cloud and have had to recover from backups, and the recovery process has failed at least once for most.”

Don’t trust electronics to store critical information, whether for business, pleasure or for after TEOTWAWKI.


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One Response to Storing Information on Computers for After TEOTWAWKI

  1. jrh says:

    Agree 100%, paper copies are a must. I have 2 large heavy duty plastic totes full of books & binders that are my primary “prep reference-library”.

    I do, however, also have a super cheap Kindle that I keep in my Faraday cage. I check Natalia Ord’s “Prep Utility Vehicle” site daily – she scours Amazon for free ebooks, and posts links to those that are related to prepping (and did I mention they’re free?)…

    If I find anything interesting there (which is often), I download it to my “Prep-Kindle”. Then, every month or so I take the Kindle out its cage, plug it in to top off the battery, and connect it to my wifi to gather all the stuff I’ve placed in my download-queue over the past month.

    Would I use this as my primary means of information storage? No way – as you say, too many things can go wrong. But as a backup reference-library, I think it could be a decent option (long battery life, easy to charge via solar, easy to read text, etc.). I currently have 395 books & magazines loaded on my Prep-Kindle (so far) and my only expense was $37 for the Kindle itself (my wife had 1 heck of a coupon 😉 )

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