Emergency Dentistry and the Adventure Medical Dental Medic Kit

Dental Medic

As all of you know who have had toothaches, the pain can be miserable.  It doesn’t matter whether it is caused by an infection, a lost filling, or fractured tooth. Untreated dental infections can kill you.  Only 200 years ago, dental abscesses were a leading cause of death.  Now the Adventure Medical Dental Medic Kit is not going to turn you into a dentist, but it can stop the pain until you get additional help.

The Dental Medic contains the necessary supplies to temporarily treat dental pain and injury when dental help is not available.  The kit contains supplies like dental floss, cotton, and oral aesthetic, temporary cavity filling mixture and dental wax.

dental medic This will let you make temporary repairs, by replacing lost fillings and crowns. The temporary cavity filling mixture will protect your tooth until you can find dental help.  The temporary filling will help keep food and other debris from collecting in the cavity, this may reduce your chances of infection.

I know of a case in which a gentleman lost a filling on the second day of four-day hike.  The pain started immediately and was going to ruin the trip.  One of the other hikers had a Dental Medic with him and they were able to make a temporary filling that soon quelled the pain.  The individual was not only able to complete the hike but waited a couple of weeks before going to the dentist.

Now the Dental Medic is small and has a limited amount of supplies.  This is both good and bad.  Pro, it is small lightweight and takes almost no room in your pack.  The kit is also waterproof and relatively inexpensive.  Con, being a prepper you always want more and better supplies.

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The Dental Medic is a good kit and serves the purpose for which it is intended.  I want to be clear that this is a first aid kit only, it is great for your bug out or get home bags.  As preppers, you may want to have additional backup supplies stocked at your home or bug out location.  These should include hygiene supplies, the book Where There is No Dentist and any dental instruments you feel are appropriate.


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