EMP and the US Militaries Return to Celestial Navigation

Now I don’t claim to have any special knowledge on what is going to happen in the future.  I will be like the rest of you and just have to wait and see how it unfolds.  However, we can all form conclusions and make plans based on the information that we have access too.  Every day we are bombarded with tons of information, a lot of which is misinformation.  Because of the large volume it is easy to miss articles that may affect us  For instance, just yesterday I saw a news article that got me to wondering  US navy returns to celestial navigation amid fears of computer hacking. In the body of the article, they also indicated that the army is starting a similar program.  Now I understand the dangers of computer hacking, but I also wonder about the threat of EMP.  EMP or hacking could possibly destroy our navigation satellites.  So don’t count on your GPS for survival purposes.

The idea of the military returning to the use of celestial navigation I think is a good idea.   I think it should make us leery of becoming dependent on these same systems.  This type of article makes me wonder, is this just contingency planning or does the government have information on a real threat to these satellites.  So what should our reaction to this article be?

Me, I have always considered EMP as a real threat and have attempted to put our family in the best possible position if this were to occur.  You may want to review some of the recent posts that we have put up on this subject.

Now whether the satellites fail from hacking or EMP it will have a definite effect on this country.  All the GPS systems will fail, including the ones our aircraft depend on.  Our precision guided weapons will cease to function with accuracy.   There is a good chance that our communication satellites would fail at the same time, this could take down many radio, TV and phone systems.  If the government is making plans for this maybe we should pay attention.



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