The Enemy is at the Gates

enemy at the gates

Back in 1966, I started storing food; back when it was simply storing food, no fancy name like prepping.  For the next 25 years during the cold war there was always the threat of a nuclear attack, I was in the military during the Cuban missile crisis.  I remember Viet Nam, the anti war demonstrations, President Nixon and I even survived the economy under Jimmy Carter.  With all that has happened since then I am more concerned about the future of this country than ever before.  The enemy is at the gates.

Today there is something different and darker going on.  The country is faced with evil both internally and externally.  Things that were legal in my youth now bring you jail time.  Our freedom is disappearing; the youth today do not understood how much freedom we have lost in the last 40 years.

Our own government is becoming repressive and freedom of speech is beginning to disappear.  The schools are brainwashing our youth to except things like homosexual marriage, drugs and all of the other evils that come with it.  I am not anti homosexual, but I still think that a marriage is between a man and a woman.  The meaning of the Constitution is being changed by corrupt judges.

The Russians and the Chinese grow militarily stronger, while we disarm.  We watch things like what is happening in the Ukraine and you can see the new world order using naked force.  This morning on the news, they were showing the Russian running a test of their nuclear strike capability.  The police are becoming militarized, and law enforcement’s attitude is changing.

Today the enemy is at the gates, now is the time to prepare, and I think the time is short.  The speed at which things are happening is faster today than it has ever been.  However all is not lost, there are things we can still do.  One of which is to vote for the best candidates, work for them if you can.  At the same time, prepare on a personal level, store your food, water and other preps, educate your children, an if you are so inclined don’t forget to pray.   Learn new skills and get ready, because take it from an old man, things are moving much faster and you don’t have a lot of time.


2 thoughts on “The Enemy is at the Gates”

  1. The more I read the news the more I think the scenario we will face is a government crackdown on us (meaning all Americans). After Slick Willie left office I put that scenario near the bottom of the list and now it is shooting back up and closer to the top than before. It isn’t at the top yet but it is in the top 10. All we can do is pray and prepare.

    For those who say “great bring it on, let’s get this going, lock and load” you need to realize that IF a revolution/civil war/government crackdown occurs well over half of all Americans WILL die. They will die from open warfare, banditry, disease, starvation, “death camps” aka refugee centers, exposure, and more. The figure I usually see is 60% loss in population minimum and I have seen figures as high as 80%. It would not be a gallant Hollywood style reset of the country, it would be your worst nightmares played out in front of you and your family 24/7.

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