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My wife loves her Excalibur dehydrator; she uses it so much it is half wore out.  So when I recently became aware of the fact that Excalibur Dehydrators has been purchased by the Legacy Company, a restaurant and cooking Supply Company, I became a bit concerned.  In the past, I have seen many good companies go downhill after they are bought out by large corporations.  At first, I had trouble contacting them.  But after figuring out their system, I spoke to the head of their marketing department who relieved my fears.

She assured me that the products would continue to be made in the existing plant in Sacramento and that the quality would remain the same.  They have also come out with a new line of dehydrators that are made of stainless steel.  These are shown currently on their website.  Also, stainless steel trays are available for the older models.

I feel much better now that I have had assurances that Excalibur will continue to be made in the US and at the same high standard.

Excalibur is currently the finest dehydrator on the market, but if I hear of any changes to the products that are detrimental or that they have been moved out of the country I will let you know.


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