What you need to know to Help You Evaluate New Businesses and Gear

Lately I have been seeing a large amount of questionable information showing up on the web.  Due to the increasing interest in preparedness, many new businesses have entered the field.  As with anything, some are good and some bad.  When I am evaluating a business, there are several things that I always look for.

How long have they been in business?  Time can often be a good indicator, bad business and scams often fail.  For instance Mountain House, they have been there for about 50 years and are still standing strong.

What is there overall reputation?  Be careful on this one and make sure you are not judging by the amount of money they spend on advertizing.  Some of the less reputable new businesses have a lot of money behind them.

How good is the information they are putting out?  Now I know that not everybody agrees on how to do everything, but does the information they are putting out work?  Try it yourself and see.

Are they an expert in everything and never are wrong?  You can know a lot, but none of us knows everything.

Where are their products from?  Are they selling cheap Chinese knock offs?  Get the best gear you can afford.

Beware of gimmicks, stay with the tried and true.  Now I am not saying to avoid all new ideas.  But be careful, every week I see something new and often they will not stand the test of time.

Beware of anything that is one size fits all.  I see this a lot in survival kits.  No one kit will work everywhere and work for everyone.  You need to test the equipment in your area and see what you need.

Whether it is a source of information, food or gear, spend some time evaluating it.  Too many of us accept everything we see on the internet as the truth.  Be a skeptic.

Don’t hesitate to mention businesses you have had problems with in the comments


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