Yard Sales can Save You Lots of Money

yard sales

The candles I got for a dollar

Where I live the temperature has been in the mid 70’s and the garage and yards sales have started.  Yesterday morning was the first time this year I have been out and spent a couple of hours shopping.  Now every year it seems like I get great bargains at them.  Today was fair; I found several things that I can use.

At the first yard sale, I found a bunch of candles for a dollar.  It seems like I am always finding them.  I have been collecting them for some time now and storing them in a cool place.  All of them have come from yard sales; these are one of the most common items that I find.  Over the last several years I have found a couple of hundred of them.

At another yard sale I purchased three folding camp tables and two ten x ten canopies, all in good shape.  The original asking price was $35.00 for all of them.  I got them all for $10. A good bargain.  Now these are not a necessity, but they may fall into the nice to have category, if I have to set up a camp in a bug out location.  In the mean time I can use them for camping.

Yard sales

The tables folded in there bags

yard sales

The canopies in boxes and the tables set up


The last thing I got was a good smoker.  He was asking $50 and I got it for $25.  I have wanted one for a while.  There are a bunch of experiments I have been wanting to do in the area of preserving meat.  This will give me the opportunity and you will hear about my successes or failures later this summer.

yard sales

The smoker

None of these items are earth shaking but for a total amount of $36, I was able to add some things that may turn out to be useful.  Yard sales are great places to shop.


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  1. Gloria says:

    That smoker was a great deal. Just saw one like it in a store and they wanted $1300 for it. Unreal !!!!

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