A Huge wildfire like the One at Fort McMurray can Affect You.

huge wildfire

Could you stop this? No but the cleared land may

For the last week or so, I have been watching the huge wildfire that has been occurring in Canada and has destroyed portions of the town of Fort McMurray.  For the last two or three years I have posted articles on the dangers of wildfires and on the whole feel that most people do not pay them any mind.  But I decided to do it this last time in the hopes that it may save someone’s life or home.

From the last news reports that I saw, this huge wildfire has forced the evacuation of over 80,000 people and destroyed by the latest count over 2400 homes.  I suspect that this count will rise as people get to return to see the damage.  The majority of Canada’s oil sands industry has stopped production.  Hopefully this will occur soon.  You can see how much a large wildfire can affect an area even with fire protection.

huge wildfire

Fire damage

While we do have some huge wildfires, in this country, I have never seen one that has reached this size and done this much damage.  I am sure that part of the reason is low humidity, a heavy fuel load and lack of access for fire vehicles and number of firefighters.  Most of these conditions also affect the fires that we encounter in this country with one exception.  The number of firefighters.  It appears they only had about ½ the manpower on the fires that we would typically see on a large fire in this country.  Now I imagine that this is because of a lack of resources and the remoteness, since Canada has a relatively small population.

Now while most of our fires are suppressed by the firefighters what you are seeing in Canada is closer to what could happen in this country after TEOTWAWKI.  Imagine what would have happened in Fort McMurray if there had been no fire service response.  The town would have probably been wiped off the map.

huge wildfire

Refugees waiting in line for handouts

All the time I hear about people who plan to bug out with the idea they are going to live off the land.  Plus many others will panic and head for the hills thinking they will find safety there.  They will be careless and start fires.  Unless it is the middle of winter many of these fires will spread and will possibly turn into a huge wildfire  You will not be able to stop these fires.  Do not make the mistake of underestimating them.  Prior planning and fire prevention is the only thing that will save you if you are in the path of a huge wildfires.

Here are some links to posts on how to protect yourself from a huge wildfire

Take a bit of time and look through the above information.  If you have questions post them in the comments or Email me at PreparednessAdvice@gmail.com and we will attempt to answer them.  Also, don’t forget to have a good evacuation plan and the necessary supplies.  The roads in Canada were packed and fuel was in short supply.  Many people had to abandon their cars for lack of fuel.

Plan for the possibility of a huge wildfire in your area and don’t underestimate the violence and speed with which one can strike.


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