Flour Weevils in Your Pantry, How to Keep Them Out

flour weevils

Every now and then, we will find flour weevils in food that comes prepackaged from the store.  Sometimes if there are only a few we will use it anyway, but most of the time it gets used for fertilizer. The big problem is that they spread from package to package.  So how do you prevent flour weevils in your pantry?

Over the years, my wife by trial and error has developed a system that works for us.  One of the first things that she tried was to store the various packaged food in five-gallon buckets with gamma lids.  This contained the spread to just the one bucket, but after we lost a couple of buckets of food, she decided this would not work for us.  It will work if you freeze the food for a week before it goes in the buckets.  The reason this won’t work for us is that there is never enough room in our freezers.

What we ended up doing was first buying as little prepackaged food as possible.  Most things we buy in bulk and package for long-term storage with oxygen absorbers.  For short term, my wife opens the package when she first gets it home and places the contents into a jar and then seals it or Tupperware type containers if she plans to use it within a week.  She cuts the directions off the package and puts it in the container with food or tapes it to the outside.

She says that the food that she seems to find flour weevils in the most is spaghetti.  When she gets spaghetti, she always separates it from other foods and repacks it right away. My wife says that when the humidity is high the weevils seem to be more active.  She is always more careful then.  Since she has been doing this we have not lost more than one package to weevils.

When she opens food that has been packaged for long term, she transfers what she intends to use in the next month or so into another container and repacks the larger container.

This has worked well for us; it is a bit of work but has kept us from losing food to flour weevils.



3 thoughts on “Flour Weevils in Your Pantry, How to Keep Them Out”

  1. Thanks so much for this information! I’m going to take all of our noodle foods and stick them in the freezer for a week. I may stick them back in there this summer. We live in an old farm house with no insulation so our pantry is subject to wide variations in temperature.
    We buy special pasta designed for diabetics, but I don’t doubt that it could be subject to such infestation.

    I think I’ll treat our rice the same, since it was one of those buckets we had a similar problem to yours.

    Have you tried bay leaves?

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