A Free LDS Recipe Book that Will Help You Learn to Cook from Scratch

free LDS Recipe BookOne question that seems to come up regularly is how to cook from scratch with only very basic ingredients.  This is a hard one particularly for younger preppers.  Home making classes aren’t taught in school anymore and too many people rely on frozen or other types of prepared meals.  Over the years, I have posted quite a bit of information on the LDS (Mormon) Dry Pack Centers.  They have very reasonable prices and are open to everybody, but the choices are somewhat limited.  So here is a free LDS recipe book from Mormon Share that addresses this subject.

The book Food Storage Recipes  can be downloaded for free.  It covers cooking with the foods that are available from the Dry Pack Centers with only one thing added and that is cooking oil or shortening.  The free LDS recipe book contains a surprising number of recipes, including such things as emergency baby food, information on sourdough starters and sprouting.

On page, one of the book, there is a list of the shelf lives of the foods used in the recipes.  This is an older list and is not totally accurate.  If you look at the order form, put out by the LDS Dry Pack center, it shows the current shelf life information.

You will notice that on the order form there are both packaged and bulk items for sale.  The packaged items are ready to be stored.  The bulk items will need to be correctly package to last the listed shelf life.  Here are two links to posts that show you a couple of ways of packaging your food for long term storage. Sealing Food in Five Gallon Buckets is an Important Skill for Preppers,  How to Seal a #10 Can

Hopefully this free LDS recipe book will help you with your cooking.  Don’t wait until the last minute, start trying these recipes now.  As you do, you will come up with new ideas of your own.  You will find additional foods that you will want to add to your storage to make these recipes more suited for your family.


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7 Responses to A Free LDS Recipe Book that Will Help You Learn to Cook from Scratch

  1. David says:

    Thanks, you always have some great information and ideas much appreciated!

  2. socaljr says:

    Good stuff – thanks for sharing

  3. Frank Herzog says:

    Thanks Howard

    I’ve now downloaded this document and will soon make a print-out of it to read at my leisure. I’ve scanned it and it contains lots of information that is useful to me.

    Again, thanks.

    Hangtown Frank

  4. Andrew G. Hopkins says:

    Thank for sharing. I have downloaded this.
    I will learn many new repices.

  5. ronald greek says:

    The link to the recipe books no longer works.

    Does someone have another link, or could someone send it via email?

    No longer working link:

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