Moisture, an Enemy of Food Storage


The second enemy of food storage, I want to discuss is moisture.  This includes problems with high humidity as well as the more obvious ones.  The best, but most expensive solution is to store your food in a climate-controlled room.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this option for all of our storage.

Whatever area you store your food in; make sure that it stays dry (don’t laugh I have seen people store food in a leaky shed, thinking that the containers would protect the food).  Don’t set your food directly on concrete; allow an air space between the food and the concrete.

Use moisture proof containers, plastic, metal or glass with good seals.  This serves two purposes, it also keeps the bugs out.  If you use metal containers near the ocean or in areas with high humidity, you may have to paint them. Use a cheap paint or lacquer.

If your clothes dryer is located in the storage room, be sure it is properly ventilated  to prevent moisture from collecting.  If you have a high humidity problem consider a humidifier.

I have heard of putting food safe desiccants inside dry food containers.  This is not a method I agree with. Oxygen absorbers require a small amount of moisture to work; desiccants may stop them from functioning.  None of the food storage companies use them in long-term dry storage foods.  The whole secret is to make sure that your products are dry before they are sealed in the moisture proof containers.

If you are in a flood prone area store your foods as high as possible, the same as if you have a basement with water problems. Check your food periodically and look for rust or damage to the containers. Don’t forget to rotate your wet pack food on a regular schedule. Howard

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  1. It is absolutely key to keep moisture away from your food storage. The picture above depicts well what can happen to canned goods if stored in moisture. We also need to be aware of the humidity in the areas we live in. Our bodies might be accustomed to the moisture in the air but the boxes and canned goods are not.

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