A New Look At Lists

We all make lists of the things we need to learn or add to our preps.  I know I have made plenty.  Sometimes I complete them but more often than not, they get lost before they are finished.  Making lists is always a bit of a chore; you end up with a huge list of things you want not necessarily need.

So use your imagination, take your list and look it over from a different prospective.  Imagine that you have received a phone call from your super secret buddy who is really in the know and he says you have twenty four hours before the grid goes down and you are back in the dark ages.  Now take a look at your list from this prospective and see what you need to buy or do.  Remember the grid is going down you are the only one who knows it.  Now what do you prioritize on your list.  Cross off the items that are not a priority.

I’ll bet you forget the nice to have greatest new super duper survival tools and go right to the basics.  Because of the time, constraints (remember you only have 24 hours) you have probably crossed of the largest part of your list.  Now you have a list of what you really need to work on and will get the greatest benefit from, the things that will keep you alive.


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