An update, Using a FoodSaver to Extend the Shelf Life of Food


A FoodSaver with the attachments for sealing mason jars

Well, It’s been some time since we have written about the FoodSaver. I have had a lot of fun with mine and all the things you can seal. My goodness I think of all the food I could have saved if I had been in to food storage sooner. I can think back to when my grandma was canning and storing items for winter and never really thought about it being food storage.

FoodSavers are really handy for extending the shelf life of crackers, noodles of all kinds, candy, spices, cereals, dried fruit and vegetables, plus matches, medical items sterile, cotton balls, Q tips, toothbrushes (new), razors, medicine, storing oxygen absorbers and all kinds of others things you will need.

My husband and I have written several blogs on how to use the FoodSaver, plus we made a “how to do it” video. We still have some new people just trying it, which is great. The more you learn the better your food storage will be.

One big thing now is storing meals in jars and sealing them for later. If I do a meal in a jar, I add an oxygen absorber to keep everything dry and fresh. Most items will last 5 to 7 years when sealed, but you have to check the jars once in a while especially, if you’re  not rotating your food. I have found several jars that have not stayed sealed and just were closed because of the ring holding it. Luckily it was just hard candy, so we resealed them after a taste test.

I could give you a long list of items and food that could be sealed, but there are so many uses that I would not cover everything that you would like to know.

Storing my jars have at times made me very frustrated, I keep them in the boxes because it’s easier to stack. (I wish sometimes they were square jars) I see a lot of prepper shows where people leave them loose on the shelf, with no protection from Earthquakes or movement of the shelfs. So if they are loose at least put a board in front to help hold the product on the shelf. Make sure your shelves are secured to the walls or something solid. Remember to rotate your food and check the seals often.

Here are some links to previous blogs we have written on the FoodSaver, these should help you get started.

Have fun

Preparedness Mom


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2 Responses to An update, Using a FoodSaver to Extend the Shelf Life of Food

  1. LindaG says:

    I have a food saver. I do enjoy it. I kind of wish you had gone a little more in-depth on how to use it for things like crackers and pasta. Do you repackage them in jars?

    Appreciate the update, though. Thank you!

  2. Papa J says:

    Linda, I do this at home, plus we have a second home that I store crackers, bisquick, nuts, you name it in jars. The 1/2 gallon jars are awesome. It extends my food for a very long time. I haven’t had to throw anything out since I’ve done this.

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