It’s time to cook all the apple things possible. Apples are available  for pies, cobbles, canning, apple butter, apple leather. Use your imagination and you can come up with a lot of good stuff.

Here are a few Apple Leather recipes you might like. I don’t like making things that take forever. I always want simple “get it done” recipes.

Prepare about one quart chopped apples, removing cores but not skins.  Place enough water in a blender, with a few chucks of apples, start blending action. Keep adding apples until consistency is that of applesauce.

Prepare plastic wrap: about 12×18, held down with tape, so it doesn’t curl. Spread apple puree evenly onto plastic (About ¼ inch thick –it gets thinner as it dries.

Put in dryer 135 until the consistency you want.

Apple Butter Leather

To the blended apples, add;
2Tbsp cider vinegar or lemon juice
2 tsp spices—pumpkin pie spices or your own blend –coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon
¼ cup honey or to taste

Continue as in basic leather:

If it tastes good in the blender it will taste good as leather

Try blending with different fruits also. Making fruit leather is a never ending experiment.

Preparedness Mom

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  1. MHH says:

    Decided to try making this last night after reading your post. It was easy and turned out great—better than I had hoped! I just pureed the apples, added some lemon juice, and let it dry overnight in the dehydrator. Thanks for posting!

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