Are You Ready for Winter?

The seasons are starting to change again.  The fall season and the thought of apples have me sniffing the air for cinnamon and spices.  I can think of all kinds of recipes for apples; canning, drying and freezing, cakes, cobblers and pies.  Even making chutney and minced meat, I haven’t made either for a long.

We went to a family gathering Saturday in Vacaville; on the drive there I was watching all the fields drying up and thinking another season is almost gone.  How many of us have taken advantage of all the fruits and vegetables summer had to offer?

Peaches and Pear: If you can or dry it’s a good time to buy, try going to some road side stands, they might give you lugs for a set price.  What do you have to loose.

Start planning your winter garden; draw it out on paper and arrange so that you have more produce this year, but in a smaller area.  We have to get working on our raised bed soon.  It’s built but not in place since our yard still needs leveling, but soon.

This is a good time for rotation of your can goods and your yearly check on storage.  Some of my canned fruits and vegetables are getting low and the stores are having a lot of sales so take advantage of the prices.  Shop around some store brands are cheaper than name brands but are still as good.  Another thing to check, are your spices.  And last but not least are the grains and flours you have opened but not put in plastic containers to keep the bugs out.

I have been putting cut eucalyptus in my pantry for years the smell keeps the moths out of my product on the shelves.  (Boxed cake mix, pancake, breadcrumbs, stuffing) you get the picture.

A lot of us check our smoke detectors every year, we check ours every spring and fall plus the carbon monoxide. Because of our remodel, we have replaced two old smoke detectors and added two emergency lights that come on when the power goes out we just plug them in to the sockets for easy reach.  And of course more fire extinguishers for the new rooms.  It also pays to check the dates on those and replace as needed.

This is a good time to check out your house for repairs and items needing replacing.  Do your gutters and fireplace chimney need cleaning?  The middle of winter in the rain is not a good time to clean and repair.  If you live in the snow area, is your equipment ready?  Snow shovels, generators, lamps and gas supply.  Shutters in storm areas make sure you can close them and sand bags in case you live near a river or lake.  I know your thinking wow is she off or what.  Just look back to this year and the unexpected weather we have had then start thinking what you need in your area.  Good planning is not crazy, so what are your plans?

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