Canned Bacon Update


About a month ago I posted a recipe for canning bacon (You can find it by doing a search for bacon on this site).


Yesterday I finally opened a jar and used it for breakfast. The recipe I used, warned that once canned bacon was opened it would crumble upon warming. It did, which was fine, because I used it over hash browns and eggs. The favor was good and it browned well. Bacon can be used to flavor soups and beans when cooking and in many other recipes, like omelets, salads and BLT’s.

Hamburger is next on my list to can. I have done chicken breast and thigh’s which turned out great.  The Strawberry Jam I made this year is delicious.  I used a new recipe.  In the next few days I will post recipes for the chicken and the jam.

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4 thoughts on “Canned Bacon Update”

  1. Interesting. We haven’t tried canning bacon, yet. My wife has canned butter, though. It works very well. We may have to write a post on that soon.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. check out her canned bacon did not crumble..stayed in strips. she also used ends and pieces in another recipe for crumbled bacon. another site for canned bacon and canned cheese is…….enola gay has wonderful recipes and cooks on woodstove.

  3. Hi Caryn, have you tried any of these items? Stripes of bacon would look good and canned cheese sounds exciting, too. I will look up these sites and see what I can do. Am always in the market for new items to can. Thanks again

    Preparedness Mom

    1. yes i have tried these methods mentioned from above websites rural revolution and paratus familia and they work very well. these are prepper sites that i go to everyday and they have great ideas as well as good stories. (they are also good “family” sites.)

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