Canning Mandarin Oranges


I bought a bag of mandarin oranges before Thanksgiving since I wanted to decorate with them and of course eat them also.  The grandchildren love them and my husband likes to eat them because they are easy to peel. Isn’t that just like a man, it’s ok for the wife to peel the regular oranges for them but mandarins are a man thing (LOL)

Anyways to get back on track, I had lots left over so decide to can the rest of them.  Its petty simple and actually the kids or grandchildren can help peel them.  Husbands are ok too, but they eat a lot.

First, peel the mandarins and make sure you take as much of the white strings off.

Second, I got my jars and lids out washed them and made sure the jars were clean and no chips.  I prepared the canners and started the water boiling for sterilizing the jars.  I put my jars into the canner and sterilize them while I am fixing everything else.

Third, while the canner is starting to boil, make your sugar syrup.  The following amounts are for one batch.  Depending on how many mandarins you have, you may need to double or triple it.  One batch of syrup was enough for nine pints of mandarins.

  •  6 cups water
  • 3 cups granulated sugar

Bring your water to a gentle boil and stir in sugar.  Mix well while pouring the sugar in and bring the syrup to a boil for 1 minute.  (You can make your syrup thicker for a sweeter mandarin.)

While the sugar is cooking, remove the jars from the canner and start packing your mandarins in either sections or whole.  Cover the mandarins with syrup.  Clean the lip of jars and seal them.

Cook in water bath canner for 10-15 minutes depending on your altitude.  Store in a box or shelf out of the light for at least 9 months, if they last that long.

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