Comparisons of Various Long-Term foods

I have decided to go ahead with a project I have been thinking about for some time.  The idea is to get samples from various long-term food storage companies and compare them.  A panel that includes several very good cooks will taste test the various products.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to totally compare apples to apples since not all the companies manufacture the same foods.  But we will do our best.

We will also discuss how easy the foods are to prepare.  So far we have samples from the following companies.

  • Mountain House
  • Alpineaire
  • Ready Reserve
  • Wise Foods
  • The US Military Long Range Patrol rations.

The only company to turn us down so far is Thrive/Shelf Reliance.

I have several other companies I intend to contact.  Do any of you have any companies that you want to see included?  If so send me the names and I will attempt to obtain samples of their products.


7 thoughts on “Comparisons of Various Long-Term foods”

  1. I have been buying Augason Farms foods from Sam’s Club. I’ve only tried a small part of it. Perhaps they would pony up for some sample cans for you.

  2. I think you might be making a mistake by asking for donated review units. You might want to consider reviewing products the same way Consumer Reports does. They purchase everything they test retail & incognito so that what they test is the same as what a consumer can get and not what the manufacturer supplies for review which could be different.

    I know it’s a nice idea, but I’m not prepared to assume that every manufacturer won’t try to submit something to you different than what’s available to effect the outcome of your review.

      1. I would agree, if it’s possible. I know that Shelf Reliance doesn’t have free samples because they contribute 5% of their product sales to a charity for 3rd world countries, or something like that. It’s possible that other companies may have other or similar reasons if they’re not able to just provide what is asked for.

  3. I’m a consultant with Shelf Reliance and an avid reader of your blog (though I don’t ever comment) I’ll personally send you samples of Thrive food because I seriously love it and want your readers to see it as part of the results of your experiment.

  4. eFoods is great about sending samples. They also are GMO free and might be a good one to add to your list.

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