Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables

Yesterday I had the opportunity to pick up some packages of frozen corn.  The price was right so I got 36 packages. Now what do you do with all this frozen food, not enough room in the freezer to fit it all in.  I just got our nine tray Excalibur Dehydrator out.  All the corn that wouldn’t fit in the freezer went right into the dehydrator.  I sent it to 125 degrees and by morning, I will have a nice batch of dehydrated corn.

We have been doing this for years with various fruits and vegetables.  It seems like our dehydrator is always running.  The day before my wife was drying mango.  She just cuts them up into slices and spreads them out on the shelves.  A few hours later, she has nice dried fruit.

She packs the dried food in mason jars and seals them with the vacuum attachment on her Food Saver.  We have had some stored for several years now and have not had anything go bad.  This is a good way to preserve the excess from your garden.   The finished product should be dried until all the moisture is gone.  It will be brittle and will break not bend.


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