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We have mentioned that my new project is sealing product in mason jars using my food saver. Well as you know the food saver machines are oblong and big and a little noisy. Plus finding a space on the counter where you can leave it out to use all the time makes for a little hair pulling.

My counter space is limited, especially since I have my dehydrator, micro wave and an assortment of other things, plus I still have to have empty space for cooking.  Well I found a compact one and ordered it. What a difference it’s quiet fits between my micro wave and dehydrator just perfectly. It takes a little getting use to, because it’s hand held and you really have to make sure the air sealer is just right over the cap on the mason jar, but a few tries later you can tell when its working by the sound it makes.  If your short of space and can’t afford a big sealer, this one is $29.99, fits in it’s own case, comes with a plastic bowl and seal attachment for the bowl and a plastic bag with a little hole in the corner to freeze your product.

Food saver sealing mason jars

The bags I buy at the store, but you can also send for their brand of bags.  The Handi-Vac bags I buy work just fine and they are cheaper. I saw this machine in Utah for $49.99, but found it on the internet at Sierra Trading Post for $29.99.

I have been complaining for awhile to my husband that I needed a set of new knives for the kitchen, well folks he bought me a set of Henckels stainless steel knives that are wonderful. They cut like butter. A good set of knives in the kitchen make the work a lot easier when you have arthritis so always keep a shape set around as we get older. I had a set of Cutco knives but the handle was hard to hold for long periods of chopping, but they are still good. Either ones are great.

So whatever your doing get the right equipment to do it with and it’s a lot easier and less tiring. As I get older, am always looking for short cuts anyplace I can find them. Good luck in trying new adventures.

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  1. Have some questions about your food saver. Which model is the one you have? Also, how long does it keep food sealed and safe?? Am looking for a sealer that will work for medium and long term storage, would this food saver work for that?? Does this work for wet foods as well as dry foods and if so, how well??

    If this will work for long term storage (2 yrs+), I will no doubt order one for myself and another for my son and his family. If this is more for short term storage then what model would you recommend for the long term storage??

    Thank you for your time and help.

    1. Prepardness Mom

      Model #FSMSSY0200-000 Bag Sealer.The sealer is good for sealing mason jars with dry products only. Wet products like fruit and fresh meat and vegetables can be placed in the vaccum bags and then frozen.
      I like it because of it’s size and I leave it out all the time. Product sealed in mason jars last as long as the seal stays good. I check my jars just to make sure they are still sealed, and I haven’t had any problems. I use some product and reseal.

        1. Yes it would on those two, but you might think about getting one for the small mouth jars also, unless you only use wide mouth.

  2. You can also seal mason jars with the manual pump that Ziplock sells for about $4.00. It is inexpensive and no electricity required. You can use the jar attachment that Foodsaver sells (cost of $10.00) or there is another method involving a pin prick in the lid covered by electrical tape. Both methods seal the jars! Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains the process:
    The blog “Salad in a Jar” will also be posting a helpful video and tutorial of this new method in a week or two. She currently has a video up that shows how to use a handheld battery pump unit to seal the jars. But she will be featuring this new method soon as well. Check it out! It is a great method to use because you can use it if the electricity fails. It’s also very inexpensive to use.

    1. The blog “Salad in a Jar” has the video and tutorial up about vacuum sealing with the Ziplock pump, which only costs $4.00 and no electricity required!

      One quick tip about this method: you may need to do some experimenting to make sure you are doing enough pumps. If you can pry the mason jar lids off with your fingertips easily, you are not doing enough pumps. Done correctly, the lids are very difficult to pry off with your fingers. In fact, I use a church key bottle opener to gently open the lids. And a quick monthly check to make sure the lids are still sealed is a good idea. Any you find unsealed, vacuum again and check later.

  3. My parents got us a Food Saver for Christmas last year and this is perhaps one of the best gifts we’ve received. I have been saving and freezing food items regularly now and it has helped with our food bill, budget, and stopping waste. Since it’s just the two of us sometimes it’s hard to keep food fresh. The Food Saver helps with all this.

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