Gamma Lids

gamma lidsThese save me a lot of work; my wife has a touch of arthritis in her hands and has trouble opening the lid on a normal five-gallon plastic bucket even with the correct tools.  Put a gamma lid on the bucket and she can open it easily with one hand.

The gamma lid consists of a ring and a screw lid that will transform your bucket into a wonderful storage container.  The lid has two polymer gaskets, this gives the bucket an air tight seal. However, it can be opened by turning the top part of your lid with your hand. No tools are necessary to access your food.

A 12″ Gamma Seal lids will fit 4 gallon or 5 gallon or 6 gallon buckets with a standard top diameter of 12″.  Gamma Lids having a 9-3/8″ diameter will fit 2-gallon buckets with a top diameter of 9-3/8″.

The Gamma lids are available in several colors for easy content identification, BLACK, WHITE, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, and ORANGE.

My wife loves the Gamma Lids; she has a number of buckets with them on.  When it is time to rotate food, I open a bucket with a normal lid on and she transfers the food to one with a Gamma Lid.  Gamma Lids are a bit pricier than normal lids, so we only keep them on buckets containing food she is currently using.  They cost from about $5 to $8 each.

She has even made one into an improvised Wonder Oven (see Wonder Oven in search) using towels for insulation.  The buckets have a weatherproof seal and will not let water in.  We have left them on the porch in the rain and the contents stayed dry.


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4 Responses to Gamma Lids

  1. Prairie man says:

    Gramma Lids
    Fixed that for you.

  2. steve nichols says:

    Hello looking to replace 10.5 in gamma lid is it still made

    • Noah says:

      Have you checked on Amazon? That would be the easiest place for purchasing. I know that some of the food storage companies have carried them in the past, such as Honeyville.

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