Good Storage Space is Hard to Find

good storage space

Storage space is a continuing problem for most preppers.  Most modern houses don’t have much good storage space.  By that, I mean out of sight, reasonably secure and having moderate temperatures.  In most homes, the garage is the biggest storage area, followed by the basement or a spare bedroom.

In any home with a basement, this would be the first thing that I would check out.  My first and probably most important question would be does it stay dry.  I have only ever owned one home with a basement and it flooded. Any supplies stored in it would have been destroyed.

Now I love the idea of basements, for several reasons, including temperature, security and they are easily accessed from inside the home.  But based on experiences, I had as a child while we lived in Michigan and the one home I owned with a basement, I would be very careful to make sure the basement was not subject to flooding or other moisture problems.  But if you have a good basement, it is hard to beat for good storage space.

Garages are a different problem.  They are subject to extreme temperature changes, at least where I live.  In the summer, they can get up into the hundreds and in the winter be freezing.  I once heard a wise old prepper say that when we have to use our food storage, we would wish we had stored the furniture in the garage and the food in the house.  A second problem with most garages is that they are not secure.

If you have an extra bedroom, they have some definite advantages.  For one they are probably temperature controlled, dry and secure.  They are easily accessed and you can keep the nosey neighbors out.

There are many other options for good storage space ranging from caves, root cellars, to shipping containers also known as conex boxes. Here are links to some articles I have posted on this subject in the past, Root Cellars can Help You to Eat Well During the Winter.More on Root Cellars, and  Storing Food and Water in a Small Home or Apartment.

Personally, I like conex boxes; in their original condition they are great for the storage of non-temperature sensitive items and with a bit of modification can be used for temperature sensitive items.  Here is a link to an article on them, Inexpensive Storage Space.

If you have any good ideas on ways to create more good storage space, don’t hesitate to post a comment.



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  1. ke4sky says:

    In many homes the space under beds is used for nothing, but dust collection. But under bed areas provide ample storage space. An idea I got from an LEO friend is a simple gun vault on casters, which is secured to the bed frame with bicycle locks, mounted on casters, which can be rolled out to gain access to the long guns stored therein. Under another bed he has food storage. He constructed these himself using a pre-fab door frame and lockset with deadbolt, 2×10 lumber, plywood and heavy duty casters. He made these to fit under every bed in the house at much less cost than a cimmercial safe, and they make efficient use of limited space in a small.apartment.

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