Grocery Store Shelves Stripped Bare During Food Stamp Panic

Grocery Store Shelves Stripped BareIn this morning’s news, there is an article about grocery store shelves stripped bare by recipients of food stamps.  This occurred as a result of the failure of a system that validates the balance on the cards of food stamp recipients.  Walmart decided to let them go ahead and purchase food items without the system functioning.  This lead to chaos, the grocery stores shelves stripped bare and the police having to intervene.  This occurred in Mansfield, La.  Not exactly a large city, it is the 107 largest community in La.  Here is a link to one of the articles on this

Since most of you work, you may not know how the food stamp cards work today.  When you file for help, the government gives you an EBT (electronic benefit transfer) card which works similar to an ATM card.  In California, if you go directly to the county it takes only about an hour or so to get one.  You walk out the door with a card that is worth up to $200.00 a month for one person.  When you go to the grocery store, the balance on the card is checked automatically and you are then allowed to make your purchase.

As long as you fill out a form each month the card is automatically refilled.  Now I know there are people who because of age and illness need these cards.  I am not going to go into the politics of the use of these cards.  What I want to point out is that it only takes a relatively minor event to result in the grocery store shelves being stripped bare.

A friend who is a checker at a local store said that the day before the government shutdown occurred their store had way more customer than she had ever seen in a single day.  Some people were almost panicky in their quest for food.  When a serious event occurs, can you imagine what it will be like in a large city?   Grocery store shelves stripped bare will be the norm not an aberration.

Now is the time to work on your food storage, don’t be the person who goes shopping and finds the grocery store shelves stripped bare.  Work on your storage and self sufficiency now.



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2 Responses to Grocery Store Shelves Stripped Bare During Food Stamp Panic

  1. Paul-L says:

    This particular event should be noted by those who believe they will be able to simply “pick up a few last-minute items” at the beginning of a serious chaotic event.

    It took a much shorter time for the shelves to be stripped bare than many people believe. It used to be said that it would take three days before the shelves were bare. Obviously, this event proves otherwise.

  2. Veteran Who Is Preparing says:

    The “mainstream media” really spun this story yesterday. As soon as I turned on the internet I saw a story that said the EBT system didn’t go down, but showed that everyone had unlimited balances. That the stories about balances showing zero dollars were not true. What a crock. These stories were coming from some of the same “news agencies” that say Healthcare.fraud is down only because of higher than expected traffic. So government websites never crash, it is all in our imaginations.

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