Harbor Freight

Yesterday, I went shopping and ended up in Harbor Freight, not one of my favorite stores, but occasionally they have good bargains.  They had a few items on sale and I ended up buying a few useful items.  Two magnesium fire starts for $2.79 each, a copper juggler pump (siphon hose) for $7.99 and a set of grommet pliers with 100 grommets for $2.99.  Admittedly probably made in China but great prices, and sometimes I just need to save money.  I will try the items in the next few days and tell you how they work.


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3 Responses to Harbor Freight

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    I like Harbor Freight. I know everything is made in China. When you don’t have alot of money places like this and the Dollar Store rock! I got a 5X pocket maginfier for a buck and have used it twice now to start fires , once on a high wind day just to see if I could. That weekly prep item was inexpensive and increased my survivability for a whole buck!

  2. caryn verell says:

    the problem with most things made in china is: the quality of the product is usually substandard which is why they are so cheap in the first place. if they don’t hold up good luck getting a refund or another like item that will hold up. as for fire starters…for no money at all or less than a buck..try using lint from the clothes dryer and a little bit of old candle wax and a book of matches….all of which can be stored in waterproof container that can fit in small spaces like toolboxes or pockets. in emergencies as well as shtf preparedness, you would want to have the tools that not only work, but will be useful for a good long period of time.

  3. SemperFido says:

    Here is a firestarter that is cheap and will last generations. A welding torch lighter. Waterproof, made of metal and easy to use one handed. Available in any hardware store, cheap for around a couple of bucks and since it has a cap it directs all of the sparks into your tinder. For five bucks you can get a starter and a 5 pack of spare flints and it will last for all of your life. Your children and your grandchildren will thank you for giving them reliable fire.

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