He Who Hesitates is Lost


Food lines in Greece 2012

This morning I saw the article on the new proposed so-called assault weapons ban.  Hopefully it will not pass the house.  But in the mean time the price of these weapons will increase and people will pay exorbitant prices for them.  People who have been putting off buying one will pay high prices out of fear.

Now if you think this is bad, wait until food and water go into short supply.  The panic amongst the general public will be much worse.  Fear will take over and the price of food and water will go through the roof.

Get your food now while the prices are still reasonable.  It will take very little to disrupt our supply system.  Right now we are looking at a possible longshoreman’s strike that could start on Saturday.  Just a few minutes ago the Governor of Florida made the following statement.

“Gov. Rick Scott, joined by port directors from across Florida, repeated his call Thursday for President Barack Obama to prevent a looming longshoremen’s strike that Scott said would hurt families living paycheck to paycheck.  Scott said the strike would send harmful ripples throughout Florida for truck drivers, warehouse workers and manufacturing plant employees whose companies engage in international business.”

With the fiscal cliff looming in front of us, it will not take much to cause the price of food to spike.  Do not be one of those people who have to pay crazy prices for food and water, because their new Xbox was more important.


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2 Responses to He Who Hesitates is Lost

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Sure right! Actually talked to someone yesterday from my old church trying to get him to see this. This isn’t the same old drum beating this is it

  2. Security Guy says:

    If you have been hesitating on buying a semi-auto rifle, extra magazines, or another case of ammo you are probably out of luck now. We all have heard about the rifles flying out the stores, but reportedly some are holding a few back in the hopes of being able to charge higher prices if the Feds pass a ban with a grandfather clause. I was looking up availability and prices of additional magazines today for my kid and was shocked with what I saw on CheaperThanDirt. I found AR-15/M-16 mags with the following posted prices: 30rd mil spec for $100, 100rd for $500, 5rd for $32. That is for the ones still in stock and it appears the rest are out of stock. Guess the name is now false advertising. I looked at other sites and found sold outs and restock dates as early as mid February. As for ammo, that has been tough to get since the election.

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