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In my past, I used to get to search homes quite often.  Being interested in preparedness, I would notice how well people were supplied.  Most homes had less than a week’s food and that was if you stretched it.  They often had only an electric blanket and electric can opener.  No decent sleeping bags or blankets.  However, they would have big TV’s and all the latest electronic gadgets.

Now a lot of these were low lives, but some were normal people.  We were going through their home after a fire to determine if it was arson.  Most of them had no level of preparedness.  You probably all know people (including family and friends) who fall into this category.

These people will be in real trouble in any serious emergency.  They will be looking for help.  If they know you have preps, you can expect them to be knocking on your door.

If I can be found, how will I greet them?  I don’t know, the Christian side of me says help people.  The other side of me says I am responsible for my family and not the whole world.  After lots of thought, I have decided that I will help people if possible without endangering my family.

That is part of the reason for my blog; every person that I help prepare is one less person I have to worry about.  In my own area, I have been involved in preparedness fairs, teaching and showing others where they can get food inexpensively.  Places like the LDS Cannery, Winco, Costco and varies local connections to fresh products that can be dried or canned.

Admittedly, I only reach a small percentage of the general population.  However, this has resulted in some great friendships and many contacts for inexpensive supplies.

I would encourage those of you who want to help others to spread the word.  There are many ways to do it either openly or quietly.  It is better to convert your neighbors now than to have to confront them when they are starving.


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  1. The moral side of me says to help people. Christianity has nothing to do with it.
    If people are not aggressive, I plan on telling them my extra were donated to a church within walking distance, but not close.

  2. I love when people say it’s the moral thing to do. I wonder where the idea of morality comes from. Oh, I know, religion, especially Judaism and Christianity.

  3. Matt in Oklahoma

    Zombies = Those Who Feed on the Living
    I have been in the same position in others homes and can tell you that not only those who we deal with have nothing and many cultures live that way where 2 days tops in the norm for food. Europeans (did 2 tours there) and large city dwellers like New Yorkers (some are my friends) shop daily and purposley keep no supplies (no water either).
    I had a friend from “up north” visit and he was stunned by all that we had (what he saw) in just the kitchen. We dont have but what I consider “normal” in there with full cabinets but the fact that we had a few weeks food (again what he saw) blew his mind. That concept was foreign and he is part of the large masses and lives in a populas of millions.
    I’ve been where places collasped and the “i’ll give them some and they will leave” doesnt work. They will stay nearby and either become refugees or predators. I know it’s hard and religion and morals come deeply into it however you must think of taking care of YOURS first. Do I cherish the thought and want to mercilesly gun folks down especially hungry kids. No. I dont want this bad juju to happen. I like my recliner and ice cream and relaxing to a good movie! Passive defense measures, less than lethal methods, hand 2 hand and just plain ole being mean will be first before the final option when possible. Those must be planned now, all these “prepared” folks who just buy guns and train only on them will be limited to them when the time comes. No different from the evolution of cops where tasers n pepper spray didnt exist and you either got clubbed or shot cause thats all the tools they had.It will be the same for you when SHTF whether it’s for mad minute in a road rage or TEOTWAWKI senario.
    I am active and try and help folks now in preparations however there will be a cutoff time and they will all become the above term “zombies” to me.

  4. If you want to see how unprepared most American families are just search homes for sale in any area. A lot of them will have pictures of the pantry and basement or other storage areas. Most of the homes have very little food even in houses in the $200-250,000 range for sale. You will probably be amazed at how little furniture and other personal items most of these families have, sad commentary on our economy.
    As far as helping others I agree with Matt from Oklahoma, do all you can now to help others but when the time comes take care of your family first. Something most of us have probably not thought of is there will be numerous children abandoned in TEOTWAWKI. We are gathering clothing and other supplies for babies to about ten years old at garage sales and other sources just in case we end up with a child that has been abandoned. Something to think about.

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