Hesitating to Get Your Preps can be Costly.


get your preps

This is a picture I took of Folson Lake a couple of weeks ago. Where I am standing would normally be covered by 60 or 70 feet of water.

A couple of year ago I had access to a source of IBC 275 gallon totes at a good price.  I let many people know about them and helped quite a few people get them.  However, a number of my friends hesitated and decided to wait until later.

With the current drought, all of a sudden I am getting phone calls from many of them, looking for water container.  Fortunately, I can still get a few, but the price has gone up.  Delaying cost my friends money.  A friend who sells water barrels has had a big run on them and selling them as fast as he gets them.

Now this delay in getting their water containers has only cost them a bit of money.  That is bad enough; they could have used the extra they are now paying to purchase other preps.  In the future hesitation may cost you more than just a few dollars.  Hesitating to get your preps may cost your own life or that of one of your family members..

Remember that supply and demand often controls pricing and we are starting to see that occur in California.  Some water districts could run out of drinking water in 60 – 90 days.  This January, we had 406 wildfires, last year there were none.

Farmers are trying to decide if they should even plant a crop this year.  Fresh produce, fruits and nuts are all grown in the central valley.  They are sold all over the United States.  This year California may produce none.  This will affect prices and we will all be paying more for our food.  This will cost many of us money that we can ill afford.

Now is the time to work on improving your position and get your preps, before the price increase costs lives.


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  1. Joe Friday says:

    We are the opposite back east. There are so many totes available people are dropping prices to get rid of them. I just saw someone selling six for $60 per. They had baby food in them and just needed to be cleaned. We actually have access to too much water. I’ve had to set up systems to drain water away so my gardens don’t rot.

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