Keeping food Odors from Attracting Attention

I was reading the comment about keeping a low profile while cooking food during emergencies and the odors that they gave off.

plastic totesMy husband and I were discussing that and one thing that I came up with is cooking with the wonder oven.  I wrote several articles on it a few months back.  Look it up in the search feature of the blog, upper right hand coner.

Simply bring your food to a cooking temperature and place in the wonder oven.  The plastic lid on the wonder oven keeps the odors down.  If you cook large batches that are enough for a day or two this will reduce your chances of being found.

Foods like beans with onions and meat items put off a stronger odor when cooking.  Rice and grains without onions or strong seasonings product less odor while cooking.  There are times that I piggyback foods in the wonder oven, for instance in a smaller covered pan, I make a small roast stacked above a stew.  Next time I may do rice and noodles.  You just have to make sure that the foods you join together takes about the same time to cook.

I have previously posted several recipes in the blog for wonder ovens you can look them up and decide if it would be worth making a wonder oven for your family.  Use the search box in the upper right hand corner and search for wonder oven recipes

Wonder oven with lid off and top cushion not in place

Wonder oven with lid off and top cushion not in place

Rotation of food, I don’t know if you mean everyday pantry stuff or your long-term  storage.

I have a walk in pantry where I keep the food I use everyday I have gone to Smart and Final and Emergency Essentials and bought see through, 32 oz containers and some smaller ones for seasonings.  I use these to keep the rolled oats, Rye, rolled Spelt, sugar, both white and brown rice, dry milk, flour, corn meal, a variety of grains and cereal that I use everyday.  All of my wet pack can goods are marked and all new stock is dated and put in the back of rows.  Occasionally I do find some things that I don’t use a lot stuck in corners when I clean out the shelves.

My #10 cans of long-term food I hardly use unless it’s a special grain that I need, but they are dated and put in inventory.  I rotate all my wet pack canning.  Food that I dry goes in to long-term storage.  When I do any wet pack canning I keep in mind that it could only be the two of us, so I use the pints jars, quart jars are only used if the item is fruit.

I realize it’s hard to know everything and believe me I don’t, but with the help of our readers maybe we can help you in some way. Please let us know if this has helped or if we are way off the subject you wanted to know about. Thanks for your comment.

Preparedness Mom

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3 Responses to Keeping food Odors from Attracting Attention

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    very interesting!

  2. Art says:

    Good information, something I had not thought of.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. Valerie says:

    I love mine especially if you will be away all day bring to boil for 15 min and place in wonder box come home dinner is cooked and still hot and no electricity used all day.
    I love my soler cooker on hot days as well no heat in the house food tastes awesome in both these ways

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