LDS Home Storage Centers, The Latest Information

LDS home storage center

There have been many changes going on at  your local LDS home storage center.  As many of you know these are food distribution centers that have been operated by the LDS Church for many years.  Both members and non-members have been able to go to a center and pack and purchase dry packed food.  The prices have always been good and you helped pack the food.  Due to new Federal Regulation the LDS Church has moved the packing process into large plants in the Utah area.

Products will still be available at the local centers which are located all over the United States.  Go to to find the center nearest you.  The foods currently being sold in most of the centers are prepackaged.  A few of the centers will still have the ability to let you package food.  I have not yet seen a list of these centers, but suspect they will be in the Utah, Idaho area.  Here are the links to the two new price list that are current as of Nov 1, 2013.  This price list is for LDS home storage centers with packaged and bulk products,  I think this is the most common.  The second is the list for the LDS home storage centers with Opportunities to Package Products,

Another option is to purchase food at the LDS online store.  The link is .  The website for the store should have more products added over the next few days.  As I am sure, you may have noticed the prices have changed as of Nov 1.  Unfortunately they have risen.  The LDS Church has always attempted to keep the prices as low as possible to help people build their food storage.  I don’t know the reason for the price increase, but I am sure it is the minimum possible increase.


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  1. JeanneS says:

    I’m not LDS but when I first started getting really serious about long-term food storage, I sent away for the LDS Starter Kit and was very impressed with the quantity and packaging for the price. It’s only gone up about $3 since I ordered it 4 years ago, so it’s still a great value.

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