Living Off Your Food Storage For a Month

My wife sent this out these questions to a few people who participated in our one month test of living of our food storage.  The following is the answers from one family.


What problems did you in counter?

The biggest challenge was the amount of time it took to make everything!  I would find myself up really late at night just waiting for the bread to finish baking so I could make sandwiches for school the next day.

What recipes did you come up with: using your storage?
Please submit a few that we can pass on.

I tried to put together some great meals. I made a beautiful ham roast with scalloped potatoes and all the fixings; I burnt everything except the frozen corn! The best meal that we shared as a family was a Sunday evening when we all sat around the dinner table and ate buttered hot  homemade bread and ice-cream.  It made us realize that it didn’t really matter how fancy the meal was but that we were together as a family.

Did you find out the spots where you were short in storing items?
Like spices, detergents, food, and etc.

It only took a day or so to realize that we were really short on Ranch Dressing and Peanut Butter; two major staples in our home. We kept a list on the fridge and added to is as the month went on of items that we wished we had.  Now we’re planning on working on adding those items in.

What did you miss the most?

Dairy products were missed the most!  I didn’t realize how really dependent we had become on milk, cheese, yogurts, etc. We even had a  goat that freshened that month so we could have had our own fresh goats milk.  But she was feeding triplets so we let them have the milk. And not to mention that it was a Pygmy Goat and their utters are tiny and hard to milk!

Do you plant a winter garden?

We do plant a winter garden.  At the time of the challenge we had green onions, rhubarb and swiss chard ready and cabbage still growing. We were wishing we had planted more!

Was not having fresh vegetables a problem for you?

We used what fresh we had and then used canned and frozen.  That made us appreciate the fresh even more and find a new motivation to work on the garden.

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2 Responses to Living Off Your Food Storage For a Month

  1. KSW1 says:

    Really eye opening. Need to do this so we can learn to do with what we have and to determine what areas need improvement. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. admin says:

    I would encourage everyone to try it. You will learn a lot.

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