Living Off Our Food Storage

For the past week or so we have been staying in the Pacific Northwest, it gave me a great chance to test some rain gear.  There were heavy winds and rains on several occasions.  I will be writing a blog on that soon.

But for today I will start to address the experiences, we and others had living off our food storage for a month.  One thing that I feel will be a problem for some people is the changes in diet that will result from them having to live off their storage.  Many people have stored large amounts of various grains.  I know people who have a ton or more of wheat stored but do not eat it regularly. A sudden change to this type of diet would result in at least some of them having intestinal problems caused by the increase in roughage.  I hope they stock a lot of toilet paper.  This is why the old adage to store what you eat and eat what you store is good to follow.

For myself I ate the same thing for breakfast that I normally eat.  My breakfast consists of a mixture of cooked rolled spelt, rolled barley and rolled rye with raisins or fresh fruit, a little sugar and milk.  Except for the fresh fruit, they are easy items to store.  After about two weeks or so I asked my wife when we were going to run out of fresh milk and her answer was you have been having powder milk on your cereal for a week.

Most of my life I have eaten whole grains for breakfast, sometimes cracked wheat, millet, oatmeal or other mixtures.  We rarely eat white bread, so it was easy for us to live of our storage.  My wife is going to write tomorrow’s blog and will provide more information on what we ate.


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