Losing Weight and Clothing

overweightI am currently like all too many people a bit overweight.  Come a major disaster and we have to use our food supplies, being cubby will attract attention.  Regardless of how much food we stock, it may become necessary to lose weight to avoid attracting attention.  This means that our clothes will not fit.

There are a couple of solutions to this problem.  One is to cut our clothes down so that they fit right.  However, I am going to suggest that you don’t, let them be baggy so you look like you have lost weight.  It may even be a good idea to keep a few over size items of clothing around.  Baggy clothes will help you look thinner.

If you are living off your storage, start rationing from day one.  This will accomplish two things.  One it will help stretch your food.  Two it will help you lose weight.  Remember all the problems you currently have about losing weight will still be here.  It will take self-control to reduce your food intake.  Give some thought to this problem now.  I know there is a common idea that we will be working extra hard to grow crops and survive.  This will be true for some of us.  For others you may have to bug in for a period of time and you will get less exercise than normal.

Give some thought to your situation and prepare a solution ahead of time.  If you are bugging in it may be as simple as learning to skip rope in your house for exercise.  But remember in times of crisis being overweight may be the death of you.


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2 Responses to Losing Weight and Clothing

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Your suggestion is right on, but don’t forget you can see the state of health in a persons face and around their eyes. That haggard, tired don’t feel good look speaks volumes. It also fits with another good suggestion which was to put a quarantine sign on your front door. I’m not expert on makeup but I wonder if there is something you can use to give you the dark baggy look?

  2. louise says:

    Age will give a person a free baggy as well as lack of sleep; however for the dark circles around the eyes I would save all used matchheads or use a tiny bit of charcoal mixed with a drop of lubricant/oil and experiment with other substances to create what looks like boils, pustules, chicken pox, open sores as this could be a big deterrent to someone wanting to invade your home.

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