More on Rye Crisps

After yesterday’s post on rye crisps, I kept wanting one all day.  Last night I mentioned it to my wife and she said that rye crispsshe thought there may be some in our storage.  So after rummaging around in a closet I found half a case of Leksands Crispbread that she had purchased at Ikeas.  It is a good rye cracker that is quite inexpensive and great with cheese.

In the past, we have kept them in storage for several months to a year.  Well when I looked at the packaging, the best use date was Nov. 30, 2009.  Since we had it some time prior to that date, I figure it is probably well over 3 years old.

They looked good so I tasted them.  They are exactly the same as when they were new.  There are no preservatives listed on the packaging.  They have been stored all this time in their original packaging, which is wrapped in heavy paper.  I am going to buy a couple more cases of them next time I am in town.

These are a great example of how hard bread can store for long periods of time.


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