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FoodSaver Mealsaver Compact Vacuum-Sealing System $29.95 Retail $49.99 Save 40%

A few weeks ago, I was telling you about the new project I was doing, vacuum sealing product in mason jars using a FoodSaver. See my post at

On our recent trip, I discovered a new FoodSaver that is compact and affordable called the FoodSaver Mealsaver Compact Vacuum-Sealing System.  The normal cost of Food Savers is around $150.00 up to $250.00.  Well this one is a hand held compact one and it’s only $21.00 to $29.00 dollars on the internet.  The one I saw was $49.95 in a retail store.  None of the ones that I have seen have had the caps for the jars; you have to buy those separate; however, they come with the vacuum hose.  But it’s still cheaper that the other food savers that you see.

Jar with paper cupcake hold in place

Jar with paper cupcake hold in place

One of the problems I ran across with the FoodSaver is it is hard to seal products consisting of fine powder.  Well I found out if you don’t fill the jar up to the rim and you leave enough room to add a cupcake paper cup to the top of the jar the powder won’t come up around the seal and it seals the jar.  You can also use parchment paper cut to fit the top.  Spices such as cinnamon, curry powder, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, and all powdery spices can now be sealed.

It takes getting use to using it especially on jars.  For those of you that have used a sealer, it makes a roaring sound when started then changes to a deeper one when it’s almost to the end.  This hand held models also makes the same noise.  You have to just listen to tell if it’s working. It also seals plastic bags that you can buy with those little holes in them for air removal.

Fresh Food Saver Canisters

Fresh Food Saver Canisters

Check the internet and see what you can find a whole lot cheaper.  I like the idea of it being so compact it doesn’t take up much room on the counter. I leave mine out all the time and use it everyday.  I even found the plastic containers at a garage sale (actually several) to use in the refrigerator for lettuce, onions especially green onions.  No air, no waste.

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5 Responses to More on the FoodSaver

  1. Didn’t know that about using a cupcake paper cup to keep fine powders from disturbing the sealing process. Anyway, my foodsaver will just keep trying to seal if it doesn’t reach the expected vacuum… if it takes longer than normal, you’ll know.

  2. admin says:

    We have had problems with spices like Cinnamon, with those very fine powders it helps to get a good seal.

  3. Vicki W. says:

    You can also leave food in original bags like chocolate chips, cake and brownie mixes, etc. Just poke a few holes in the bag, place inside of jar, put a mason jar lid on and vacuum seal. By the way, I use the blunt end of a church key opener to remove the lids. When done gently, it doesn’t bend the lid at all and can be used over and over for years.

  4. Martha Mae says:

    About vacuum sealing vegetables: use them quickly. Vegetables are alive, and when you seal them, you deprive them of respiration. they’ll still spoil if they’re allowed to stay in a vacuum-sealed condition longer than a couple days.

    • Vicki says:

      Some veggies vacuum seal better than others. Check out “Salad in a Jar.” She has lettuce last for up to 10 days.

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