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The Psychology of Survival is something that you start work on now.  There are many questions that you can make your mind up on now.  For instance, will you eat a rat?  A lot of people think when I am hungry I will be probably be able too.  If they can’t answer an unequivocal yes, you have not made up your mind.

When I first went of the fire department many years ago they made us jump into life nets and climb into situations that we would probably never face again.  The same thing occurred in the military when we ran the confidence courses.  We found out that we could succeed at things we never thought we could do.

If you have children, you need to teach them to eat what is placed before them.  I see so many children that are fussy and will leave the table hungry rather than eat something they don’t like.  You should be training your children now, so that they can face adversity in the future.  My kids would always eat anything and this has benefited them on many occasions.

There is a general belief that when you get hungry enough you will eat anything and I am sure for some people this is true.  The problem is that by the time you are desperate enough to eat anything you have already lost a lot of calories that you might never be able to get back. This can make the difference between life and death.

Teach your children to eat anything from the time they are young.  Get them used to strange foods and tastes.  Remember one of the best ways to teach is by example.  One way to teach your children is to overcome your own phobias.  Learn how to eat those bugs now.



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  1. millenniumfly says:

    Appetite fatigue is certainly a real concern when SHTF, especially for children. We always encourage our kids to at least try what we give them and, usually, they’ll eat it. I would suggest that if you’re going to be feeding unusual foods to your family then the best route is to gradually include it into soups and stews… then, when they’re done, tell them what they just ate.

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