More on the Shelf Life of Canned Goods

This is an update on a post I wrote several months ago.  It was about the shelf life of foreign canned goods.  At that time, I suggested that you allow a shorter shelf life for canned goods from overseas.  Well yesterday confirmed it.metal food cans

I spend the major part of yesterday helping go through someone’s very large food storage.  For several reasons although this storage had been in a good temperature controlled dark area, the food had not been rotated.  We found several different types of cans that failed and ruptured.  The types of cans that failed fell into two categories, one, products canned overseas, and two, store brands canned in the US.

Hormel, Libby’s, Del Monte, S&W and canned food from other major US manufacturers were in good shape.  A case of wet packed hamburger from the LDS cannery dated 1998 was fine.

I think that the type of foods that failed was packed in inferior cans.  The cans failed from the inside and leaked.  The cans seemed to fail in as little as two to three years.  If you intend to store canned food for an extended period of time stay with the better brands.  Canned goods are only as good as the manufacturer.

I realize that this conflicts with other information, I have posted on the long shelf life of canned foods.  The technology is good, not all manufacturers are.


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2 Responses to More on the Shelf Life of Canned Goods

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Very interesting

  2. Art says:

    Hormel states that there canned food items, like SPAM and Beef Stew will last indefinately as long as the can is not damaged. They recommend that the food be eaten within 5 years for optimum food taste but it will last much longer.
    The only cans we have had rust through in storage was tomato paste and canned peaches. These were the store brands so this confirms your thoughts in the article.

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