How Much Food to Store in Your Preps?

How Much Food to Store

I was recently asked if there is an alternative way to plan food needs outside of caloric.  How much food to store is always a big question?  There are a couple of ways to solve this problem.  The first and a good one is to figure out your calorie needs.

You determine how many calories you think you will need a day. Depending on your level of activity you can use from 2000 (inactive) to 4000 (active) for an average male.  Women and children use proportionally less.  You then have to determine how many calories your group would need a day.  From then on, it is a math problem. You need to figure out how many calories your group will need for a specific time period.  Once you determine the total calories you need, you then have to figure out how much food you need to supply that number of calories.  Now that is a lot of work.

While it is good to understand how to figure the calories, there is an easier way.  For years, I have based my storage on information supplied by the Mormon Church.  The following is from their website.

Product Recommendations for How Much Food To Store

The following suggested amounts are for one adult.

11.5 kg./ 25 lbs Wheat, white rice, corn, and other grains 30+ years
2.5 kg. / 5 lbs Dry beans 30+ years

You may also want to add other items to your longer-term storage such as sugar, nonfat dry milk, salt, baking soda, and cooking oil. To meet nutritional needs, also store foods containing vitamin C and other essential nutrients.

Now before you say anything, I know that this is not a diet, I would like to live on, it is a bare survival diet.  However, it can be used as a base to build upon.  Get enough of these items which are inexpensive, to cover the time period for which you are concerned.  Then start to add the food items that you need to make this a livable diet.  You can supplement this with many different grains and various freeze-dried and dehydrated foods.  See the attached link A List of Foods That I Recommend You Have in Your Storage.

This is a simple, inexpensive way to get a lot of food in a hurry.  Then you can take your time and add to it.  We started with these types of products many years ago and have now added all types of foods, both home and commercially canned, freeze dried, dehydrated, pickled, and dried.


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  1. NancyB says:

    You are right, this is a simple way to get started. Basics first. If you are really wanting to cover your bases, you also need to be thinking in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Maybe I’ve been reading too many disaster scenario books lately, but it seems that the characters always see to end up with not enough protein to keep their strength up for the long haul. You can’t count on hunting, because everyone will be out there hunting out of season in a real disaster and the game won’t last. Think well-rounded, all food groups and build a supply of everything!

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