Old Dehyrated Foods and Their Storage Life

The FreezeDryGuy and I have been friends since the 1970’s.  At that time he produced a brand of dehydrated food called Pack a Way.  I recently open two old cans.  One can had been stored under good conditions and one had been in the back of a conex container sitting in the sun for the last twenty or so years.  Both cans would have been produced between 1976 and 1981.  This would make them at least 30 years old.

The can that had been stored in relatively good conditions was in excellent condition.  The dehydrated peaches tasted like they were canned yesterday and everybody liked them.  The strawberries that had been store in horrible conditions with summer temperatures exceeding a hundred degrees in the conex were still edible.   But the strawberries showed signs of deterioration and loss of taste and color.  I ate a dish of them with no ill effects.  They would keep you alive.

I intend to open a few more of the old cans that have been poorly stored and see if I need to think about ditching the whole patch.  The next can I open will be a can of Mountain House Chili and Beans from the early 1970.  I will let you know how they look and taste in a few days.

So far, I am very impressed, the cans of Pack a Way food I feel have survived very well.  Every though the strawberries have deteriorated, I feel that was my fault due to the condition under which I stored them.  The ones I stored in good conditions were in great shape and I think will keep for many more years.

FreezeDryGuy has always been very careful to sell a high quality product that would last long term if correctly stored.  I would recommend any product that he carries.  Let us know about your experiences with long-term food storage.


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  1. I have 12 cases of Sam Andy foods in my basement, in Bend Oregon , bought in 1973 and 74 , Does anybody want them , my wife and I are now in our 80’s and moving in to a senior apt, and cannot take them with us and about 500 lbs of wheat stored in plastic buckets about 40 lbs. each , 16 of them and a hand grinder and the books and recipes. be my guest, bring a truck,

    1. Bill, you could offer this on Craigslist or on the forum at AmericanPreppers.com. I believe there is an area for specific states, including Oregon. I’ll ask a friend to post this information on Facebook and hopefully, we can connect you with someone who needs this food. Thank you.

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