One Month Food Challenge.

prickly pears

prickly pears

I thought I would give an update this morning on what it is like to live on your preps.  Today it has been 16 days since we have gone food shopping on Feb 25.  The last time we went we had no idea that we would be challenged to go 30 days living of our preps.   So our last shopping was a small one.

Because we use a lot of grains and stored items in our normal diet, it has not been a shock living off our preps.  Other than little less fresh vegetables, I have not noticed any difference.  Yesterday my wife and grandson were out picking miners lettuce and prickly pears.  She is going to make jam from the prickly pears and we will have miners lettuce in our salad.  In a day or two, she will cook some of the pads of the prickly pear cactus and we will post the recipe.

We have found it much easier to live off our preps that we thought.  I am sure we will find some holes as it reaches the end of the month.  My wife is keeping a list of exactly what we have used and later we will check this against the quantities in our inventory to see if anything is running out to fast.  It is an interesting exercise and I would suggest everyone should try it.  If you are worried about a major disruption in the food chain occurring during your test, you can still go to the store and shop, just don’t use the food you purchase.


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  1. A veteran who is preparing says:

    There is a website out there that has a list of “You might be a Prepper if” and I remember one of them was “you will eat better after TSHTF than before”. I and my wife laughed at that and we both said it was true for us.

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