Preserving Food

Preserving food is a never-ending process

My wife is out of town for several days and I have to fill in for her.  This has been a bit of an eye opening experience.  She normally takes care of rotating and organizing the food.  She has things well organized and can lay her hands on anything right away.  Me, I am having trouble finding things.

Things she can do quickly take me much longer.  I have been drying pears and some figs while she has been gone.  The process is going ok just takes longer.  Where we live there is a lot of free or inexpensive fruit and vegetables available all summer.  The trick is preserving them.  The Excalibur dehydrator works like magic, it is by far the best dehydrator we have tried, and we have tried quite a few.  If we get more food than it can handle we set up the big drying rack in the back yard.  They are easy to make and work well.  See the following posts Making a Food Drying Rack and Drying Fruit and Onions.

Canning is another great option and one I am going to have to practice by myself.  There is a learning curve to everything and even though you watched and helped, it is different when you are the only one doing it.

Reading, watching videos, attending classes are all great learning tools, but until you actually do it, don’t think that you have learned it.

I have made a short video of me drying fruit.  I need to learn to keep my belly out of the picture.


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  1. Sandy Taylor says:

    Hi Howard,

    Thanks for the video and the recommendation. Would you mind doing a post on what you DO with your dehydrated fruits? Maybe it sounds silly.. but other than snacking on them as tasty treats by themselves, or re-hydrating for pies, what else do you DO with what you dehydrate? I’d love to see some examples… not necessarily whole recipes, just ideas for how you incorporate them back into your diet, and when (winter?).

    Thank you so much!

    ~ Sandy Taylor

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